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Are you frustrated with the online struggle to connect with new clients? That’s where we come in, ready to transform your website and make your business stand out At Website Dino – Syracuse New York’s Best Custom Web Design Company. We specialize in crafting websites that elevate your brand and drive results.

Hey there, I'm Christian DiPasqua, the creative mind behind Website Dino!

Christian Dipasqua Web Designer Syracuse NY

I’m passionate about designing websites that not only look stunning but also empower businesses to thrive online. My goal is simple yet profound – to be the driving force behind your online success.

The Website Dino Experience

Here’s my simple yet effective web design strategy that navigates you through the world of websites to a custom, result-driven outcome.

1. Tailored Solutions:

Let's Talk

Step 1, Communication with you will be our number one priority.

We will start by discussing your goals and purpose for your website, your expectations for this project, and the desired outcomes. In this step we will break down the content for your website along with number of pages, functionality, and it features. We will brainstorm the content and user interface of the site. You will end up with a beautiful custom designed website that you can’t wait to use.

Here's some questions we will ask, so you can be prepared to answer them.

1. Purpose of the website:

The purpose could be anything from selling products or services, sharing information or resources, building a community, or promoting a cause. Defining this clearly helps in shaping the content and design.

2. Content preparation:

Having text headings and content written for the pages is helpful, but if not, assistance can be provided. It's essential to have at least a rough idea of the content structure and key messaging.

3. Website style preferences:

Understanding the aesthetic preferences can guide the design process. Providing examples of websites you like can be very helpful in communicating your vision.

4. Logo and domain name:

If you need a new brand logo or domain name, it's good to start thinking about them early in the process. They play a crucial role in branding and online presence.

5. Marketing strategies:

Discussing whether you're interested in marketing through paid search (like Google Ads) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps in planning the website structure and content to align with these strategies.

6. Additional considerations:

Other factors like desired features, target audience, budget, and timeline are also important to consider during the planning phase.

By addressing these questions, we can create a clear roadmap for developing a website that meets your needs and expectations. Let me know if you have any specific preferences or requirements that we should consider! Read More

2. No-Brainer Deal:

Our Offer

Step 2 of the process will be on our side of things..

1. Tailored Design:

We'll craft a custom-built layout based on your goals, style preferences, and functionality needs, ensuring your website reflects your unique vision and objectives.

2. Interactive Preview:

You'll receive a demo website to review, allowing you to visualize the final product and request any necessary adjustments before proceeding. This ensures our design aligns with your expectations.

3. Transparent Pricing:

We'll provide a detailed quote for the development fee and any additional services you require upfront, ensuring complete transparency and avoiding any surprises in the billing process.

4. Value-Driven Approach:

Our focus is on delivering tangible value to your business. We're committed to providing top-notch attention to detail and ensuring your utmost satisfaction throughout the process.

5. Risk-Free Guarantee:

For added peace of mind, all our services come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the final result, we'll refund your purchase without any hassle or hard feelings.

By breaking down these key points, you can see how our offer is designed to meet your specific needs and provide a seamless and rewarding experience from start to finish. Read More

3. The Results

Your New Website

Step 3 of the Website Dino Experience marks the most exciting phase, where your website vision becomes reality!

This final step showcases the culmination of our collaborative efforts, presenting your website to the world.

Once you've approved the demo website, we seamlessly transition the design to your official website.

Behind the scenes, the WordPress Content Management System powers your website, ensuring both stunning visuals and flawless functionality. Leveraging my expertise in WordPress CMS, I guarantee a website that not only looks fantastic but also operates seamlessly.

To achieve this, I utilize a range of powerful tools and plugins. Hostinger provides reliable domain hosting and official emails, while Canva facilitates stunning image and logo design. Elementor Pro enables the creation of interactive elements and compelling content layouts, elevating your website's appeal. This marks the completion of the building process, but the Website Dino Experience doesn't end here.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance for your website, ensuring it remains optimized and up-to-date. Whether you need fixes, adjustments, or transformations, we're dedicated to enhancing your online presence. With our comprehensive services, your website is built for success, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for your visitors.  Read More

Why Choose Website Dino?


Personalized Approach:

Your goals are our  goals. Together, we'll make your online vision a reality.


Our Experince:

We've been in the game long enough to know the ropes, ensuring a stress-free journey to more customers and greater success.


Customer Service:

We pride ourselves in always giving our attention to details and customer satisfaction.

Businesses in Syracuse and the surrounding areas choose us over other companies because of our personalized approach, transparency, and collaboration. We excel in WordPress CMS, utilizing a comprehensive toolset to create visually stunning and functional websites. Our commitment doesn’t end with the website launch; we offer ongoing support and maintenance, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring client satisfaction and long-term success.


At Website Dino, we believe in crafting tailor-made solutions to suit your unique needs. From captivating web designs to comprehensive digital marketing strategies and Logo Design, we’re here to propel your online presence to new heights.



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